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  • Essential Oils

    I have been using my essential oils more at home in my personal life, but also in my office with patients and realized I have not shared with our community how helpful they can be!  Essential oils help support the microsystems of the body and provide rapid and sustained improvement for people in regards to their overall well-being.  Whether emotionally or physically essential oils can help in many ways and there is an abundance of research backing it up.  The fields of psychology and biology show that the smell of aromas hit the receptors of the brain and triggers certain emotions, memories, and actual changes in the body.  This video shares more about the specifics about how essential oils can help individuals and families lead a more well-balanced life.  It even discusses the benefits for elders and how a simple hand massage with lavender oil can decrease anxiety and agitation.  At the same time it helps lessen the stress of caregivers.  Please check out this video and let me know if you have any questions.  – Amanda LaRose, Owner


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