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    Herbal Medicine

    Herbal medicine is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and treating illness. In terms of its general benefits, they can be restorative, support the body and allow for a natural first port of call for minor ailments without immediately reaching for conventional drugs in a world where we are all more mindful about over use. Methods of consumption: herbal teas, skincare routine, essential oils, herbal steam inhalation when you have a cold; Or adding particular herbs and spices to foods for their healing properties. Herbology products in wellness programs are a good way to introduce herbology into your wellbeing.

    Herbal Consultant

    Maggie Hatzpanian

    As an Herbalist with a background in Nursing, Maggie will work with you in addressing your health & wellness concerns using Medicinal Herbs in Tea or Tincture form, that are cultivated in New England. As part of the recommended herbal regimen, she provides information to support clients’ use of Herbal therapies for their self-care.  Maggie works with clients to find the remedies, formulations & combinations of Medicinal Herbs that will support their specific needs. This process, and the recommended formulations & herbs will change and evolve over time, bringing tailored Health & Wellness, and Balance & Happiness into our clients’ lives. Maggie has been a student of Western Herbalism for two decades. Many teachers have helped form her practice, beginning (and continuing) with Rosemary Gladstar, Sevensong, and Lesley Wooler here in Rhode Island.  She currently studies with Sajah Popham through his School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Maggie’s Herbal practice & formulations have grown in the past few years since opening Maggie’s Healing Path, an Herbal product company focusing on Tea Blends, Skin Care and Massage products all using locally grown Medicinal Herbs, and made here in Rhode Island.