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  • “The Herbalist is very knowledgeable and helpful.”


    The Art & Science of using whole plants as therapeutic medicine.

    Plants and Herbal medicine have been used for the millenia by every culture across the globe, with knowledge passed down through the generations. Plants and their effects have also been studied extensively, and have proven actions on the human body, most commercially produced medicines are plant derivatives or synthetic versions of plant constituents. At the core of Herbalism is the knowledge of these healing properties and that plants nourish our bodies and support normal, healthy organ function.

    When Herbal formulas are woven into your life & lifestyle they create a resilience and strength that helps maintain health, wellness, balance & happiness.

    Working with an Herbalist is a supportive partnership between you, the Herbalist & the plants, always with your wellness concerns as our primary focus.

    Herbal remedies – either Herbal Tea or Tincture, or topical in the form of Salves, support balance & wellness in many areas of our lives:


    Anxiety & Nervous system support

    Muscle pain and tension

    Immune support

    Lung Function

    Digestive Health


    Herbal Consultations are not covered by insurance.


    Initial 1 hour Consultation cost is $100.

    Follow Ups

    30min follow-up appointments are $25

    Herbal Products

    Herbal preparations are priced separately & are different depending on the client's needs.

    Herbal Consultant

    Maggie H.

    Maggie is a clinical Herbalist with many years of experience & study behind her practice, she also has 30 years experience in emergency & critical care Nursing. In addition she holds a 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Certification & teaches Yoga classes here… Join her all levels class on Tuesdays mornings! 

    Here at Rhode Island Oak Counseling & Wellness she combines her years of experience in all these fields to provide holistic, science based herbal & lifestyle recommendations to her clients. She believes strongly that by incorporating whole plant remedies into our lives, along with a healthy diet and physical exercise, our bodies function optimally. Including how we react, live with and recover from stress & illness. Herbal remedies, when taken regularly, provide us with deep nourishment, supporting healthy body functions. Giving us strength & resilience, leading to overall health & wellness! In addition to providing Herbal Consultations & teaching Yoga, Maggie owns her own health & wellness business she started a few years ago, where she provides herbal education, & formulates and creates her own line of Herbal Products – all of which are available here at Rhode Island Oak Counseling & Wellness.