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    Amanda Larose

    Our Owner, Amanda LaRose, made the pivotal career decision to start her own Mental Health Practice in Virginia, opening her first office in Leesburg in 2016.  From there, Virginia Oak Counseling, LLC was setup to meet the Mental Health Counseling needs of the greater Northern Virginia community, and has since opened three additional offices there.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, Virginia Oak Counseling overhauled its delivery of mental health services, and was able to quickly pivot to provide telehealth to existing and new clients. Altogether, Amanda’s mental health practice, in Virginia, has seen and counseled thousands of clients, and employs around twenty licensed Mental Health Counselors across her four office locations there.

    With her business thriving in Northern Virginia, Amanda and her family made a life decision to move to Rhode Island, and setup what she considers her dream: a Wellness Center that not only would have vital mental health counseling, but also incorporate the points of wellness which has helped her on her own path to wellness.  In October 2022, Amanda opened the doors to Rhode Island Oak Counseling & Wellness, making her a multi-state business owner, to both increase needed mental health capacity in the community, but to also give options to those who seek an encompassing journey on their path to wellness.  Since its opening in October 2022, Rhode Island Oak Counseling & Wellness has seen hundreds of clients, and employs around fifteen licensed Mental Health Counselors, Yoga Teachers, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Herbologists, and Integrative Wellness Specialists.