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  • Lidiya, Resident in Counseling

    Resident in Counseling

    In my therapeutic approach, I focus on using the person-centered method. I’m a strong believer that we all have the tools and resources to support ourselves — it’s just a matter of bringing them to light and expanding them. During our sessions, we’ll build a healthy therapeutic relationship where while you’ll feel both supported and safe, there’s an understanding that it will eventually conclude. I’ll be here as a helping hand to help you uncover your story, find your voice, tools, independence, etc. until we come to the agreement that you’re ready to stand on your own. I may be the professional in the room but you are the expert of your life. Self-exploration can be difficult to do alone, especially when we don’t know where to start or when we don’t know our strengths. 

    This is where my therapeutic assistance will enter as a guide. I’ve helped those who’ve questioned and struggled with things such as understanding their life purpose, family dynamic, spirituality, hopelessness, trauma, abandonment, and much more. I also have experience with a variety of age groups ranging from early childhood to late adulthood. 

    My therapeutic goal is to ensure a safe environment for all who walk through my door. In this space, please expect to be greeted with an open mind and a nonjudgmental approach. I hope my compassion can guide you to greater self-exploration! I’m a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Master’s in Mental Health. It’s been an honor to study in a field that creates awareness and advocates for others. I’ve worked with clients who come from all walks of life and will continue to extend assistance as new individuals enter. I look forward to potentially working with you and appreciate your consideration!