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  • Why Eldercare?

    Why did our Owner, Amanda, start a business in eldercare? Amanda is fortunate to have relationships with her grandparents that last into adulthood. Because of this, she has learned how to engage with elders, how much one can learn from them, how difficult life can be but how people find a way to overcome those difficulties, and how important the little things are in life. Amanda started working in Nursing Homes in High School. She is passionate about supporting elders in leading a well-balanced and fulfilling last phase of their life. As a Social Worker, she has learned that understanding who the elder is, and how they became who they are, is an imperative part of the Care Management process. She tells many people how her work is such an honor, because having someone trust you enough for them to tell you their most meaningful and personal stories is simply touching. Moving from the DC Area to Loudoun County, Amanda saw a great need for elder support services. Her expertise is in Counseling and Care Management. All of these reasons, and more, are why she created Virginia Oak Counseling, LLC.

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