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  • Alexis, Resident in Counseling

    Resident in Counseling

    My name is Alexis and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I have worked with youth, individuals, and families across many settings including home-based, school-based and community mental health clinics. My therapy approach can be described as somatic and combines techniques derived from Somatic Experiencing, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Hakomi Method, mindfulness and attachment theory.  In treatment, I will strive to listen deeply, observe, and offer nonjudgmental reflections of what you bring into the space. I will hold the boundaries necessary to maintain a safe, warm, and professional environment where you, the client, can come as you are and do the inner work necessary to discover your inner resources and strengths to meet life’s challenges in a new way. You will always maintain the right to decline any interventions I may suggest and state your honest feedback as we collaborate to find out what works best for you. I believe that therapy builds upon one’s innate drive towards healing and wholeness and I value a holistic, integrative approach that honors the wisdom and connection of the body, mind, and psyche.