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  • Proactive Aging

    Most people try to prevent the negative effects of aging by taking vitamins, exercising, seeing the Doctor regularly, using antiwrinkle cream and sunscreen, and eating healthy.  This is a proactive approach people take to try to keep as much control over their lives as possible. Without a sense of control individuals tend to feel anxious and overwhelmed. We are beginning to see more and more people, either adult children of aging parents or individuals themselves, be more proactive in planning for support at home as they age and start experiencing a loss of abilities. This is so important, because being proactive and putting a plan in place helps individuals feel a sense of control over the difficulties they are experiencing and trying to navigate. Also, establishing a trusted relationship with providers who will be a resource to you and/or your parents over time is much more effective than last minute, as a result of an emergency.  This allows for your providers to get to know you better, and truly understand what is important to you. Therefore, they can better guide and support you through the aging process and help improve your quality of life.  Please take this opportunity to reflect on how else you can be proactive in planning for your future, and begin taking steps today!

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