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  • Aging Life Care Managers

    Do you have an elder in your life that you sometimes worry about? If you do, then you know how difficult it can be supporting them in accepting senior care, coordinating it, and overseeing the care. Do you know that Care Managers help with all of this? Aging Life Care Managers are trained professionals who are governed by an association called The Aging Life Care Association. Our staff are Advanced Professionals in this association because we have the highest credentials for our field, showing we are experts. Virginia Oak Counseling, LLC will work with you to support the elder in your life. There is an additional benefit to the services Virginia Oak Counseling, LLC offers. We provide licensed counseling services and help you find ways of relieving your emotional distress and overall stress! For adult children who live far away from their parents, we provide Teletherapy counseling via a secure video chat. Let us support you in supporting the elder in your life!

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