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  • A Team of Providers

    We provide support to a lot of new clients needing help urgently, as a result of not planning ahead for certain things. A major obstacle that we help our clients with is accounting issues. Individuals who do not have children, run into the most complications. Even though everyone hopes they keep their memory during the aging process, cognitive impairment somehow sneaks up on some. If this individual has no children, they may have no one to notice signs of forgetfullness before it starts impairing their life significantly. One day, various businesses hired by this individual start realizing that this client is not keeping up with their payments for their car, their housing, etc. They contact the client and they are forgetful and confused. Now what? Sometimes, it is too late and the government is notified. The client then has to go through the courts in order to obtain a Guardian to assist them. However, being proactive and having a team available for the “what ifs” during the aging process is the best way to mitigate these occurences. For example, in this scenario a Care Manager, Accountant, and Power of Attorney would be a great team of support.

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