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    Independent Contractor Mental Health Therapist


    Virginia Oak Counseling, Northern Virginia


    Part-time or Full-time position providing mental health services and care coordination in Assisted Living Communities of Northern Virginia to individuals, couples, and/or families.  Overall responsibilities include supporting clients with emotional, behavioral, mental health disorders, and difficulties in aging through psychotherapy and care coordination.


    Job Responsibilities

    • Provide individual, couple, family and/or group therapy
    • Encourages clients to express their feelings and help them develop insight into themselves and their relationships
    • Guides clients in the development and use of coping skills to improve their problems
    • Prepares and maintains confidential records
    • Ensures treatment plans are created and updated
    • Provides resource referrals and oversight of resources as necessary to ensure clients needs are being met
    • Advises families/responsible parties on condition and treatment plan, as needed
    • Evaluates effectiveness of counseling and client’s progress toward goals
    • Keeps Licensure up to date, follows ethical standards by Licensing body


    Job Context


    The majority of the responsibilities will take place in the Client’s home, within Assisted Living Communities, in Northern Virginia.  Flexible work schedule.


    Job Competencies 


    Upon hire Independent Contractor must hold:

    • A Master’s degree from an accredited university in the field of Counseling, Psychology, Social Work or related field
    • Hold licensure as an LCSW, LMFT, LPC, in Virginia.
    • Have comprehensive liability insurance
    • Have a National Providers Identify (NPI) number
    • Have at least 2 years experience working with adults and elders
    • Have the ability to recognize one’s own limitations and respond to difficult situations
    • Have the ability to apply academic and knowledge to problems
    • Critically and analytically work in a self-motivated and independent manner
    • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with clients.

    Preferred qualification:

    • Be an existing in-network provider with Medicare

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