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  • Kylie Kirkpatrick, Resident in Counseling

    Hello! I am a bilingual practitioner providing counseling services to a variety of individuals, particularly adolescents and young adults. I use a comprehensive and compassionate approach in an effort to foster hope, healing and resilience. My goal is for my clients to empower themselves, take risks, and achieve the quality of life they deserve! Whether you prefer in-person, or virtual visits, I am available for you. If you ever need extra support around holidays, vacations, or other major life events, I am here for you. I specialize in substance use, trauma, detrimental loss, family fractures, and the teenage experience. You deserve joy, peace, and love. Congratulations on taking the first step to wellness!

    Kylie has a BA in Deaf Studies, MS in Addiction Counseling, and a current PhD student focusing on trauma, addiction, and healing family fractures.