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  • Dani Marshburn, Resident in Counseling

    The skinny:  I have lead a wild and beautiful life that has granted me infinite experiences and a thorough education with which to help others.  I have been teaching yoga professionally and therapeutically full time since 2012, counseling professionally since 2010, and throw in being a certified yoga therapist into the mix.  Our stories must be told, and witnessed, and the opportunity can be created to change the narrative.  Flip the script, if you will.   I do take a very holistic approach, working with the physical body and lifestyle, the mental and emotional space, as well as the spiritual aspects of those I work with.  While I prefer to take a gritty and active and down to earth approach to health, all sessions are entirely person/human/client-led, and we will work together based on your individual needs, and at a pace that is most helpful for your personal set of circumstances.  I often offer supportive practices in the form of movement, breath work, meditation, and Self inquiry, to help heal and inspire, balance the nervous system, and bridge the physical and energetic and emotional worlds.  I’ve worked with an endless range of individuals and groups, of all ages, in private and public settings, to apply counseling techniques, yogic practices, manipulate energetic bodies, and initiate obnoxious Self awareness.  I am offering therapeutic services with the intention to help alleviate physical and emotional pain, cultivate deeper connections to Self and the surrounding world, and move toward a more authentic existence on this planet.